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Let your voice be heard

STEM Means voice in Dutch.

Communication is the key to connection. That is what we are all looking for. I developed the S.T.E.M. voice presentation method from my craftsmanship as a singer and actress. As a performing artist, you use real emotions, your body language and your voice. You need all these elements to become an inspiring speaker.

S.T.E.M. is an overall coaching program that helps you to find your voice. Do you recognize problems such as: hoarseness, monotony, difficulty controlling the pitch your voice, unintelligibility?

The voice is like a heartbeat. The tempo, rhythm and volume alternate and create dramatic changes in your story. Dare to be authentic and transparent. If you are, your audience will open up to you. 

Every story has its own rhythm and dynamic. Your voice is the song and your body the instrument. Combine the two and you’re on fire! You need to keep the listener interested till the end. Use you body language to show the story.

Learn how to control your own State, Trust, Emotion and Motivation to make your presentation a success, whether you are speaking to 1 person or 3000. What do you want people to feel, think, do?


Control your own ‘State of mind’ while speaking. Focus on the ‘Why’ and the message.


Everybody enters the room with a different state of mind by asking a question that will connect them to you and each other.


Be well prepared. Formulate your words to create value. Connect with your audience by telling a personal story.


Be transparent and authentic. Seek the listeners needs before focusing on your own.


People respect you for your knowledge but fall in love with your authenticity.


‘Storytelling’. Tell your story not only with your voice but show the story with your body language. The listener becomes part of your story and shares your emotion.


Speak to make an impact, to inspire, to transform. Share your challenges, your lows and your highs.


Because the people experienced your story and connected with you, they will be motivated to apply your solutions on their real life situations.

Find your authentic voice. We start with your voice, body language and body posture. I will make you aware of your voice and its different sound colors to make more impact when you speak. In the storytelling section you learn to tell your personal stories in such a way that they leave an unforgettable impression.
After following the S.T.E.M. training you are able to give your best ‘performance’. Whether it is a presentation for 3000 people or 1 person, a training session or a job interview, your voice will be heard.


Workshops and courses.

The S.T.E.M. training can be booked separately or in combination with the subject ‘Happiness in the Work’.

These different training courses: The happy performer and Happitat, will increase the happiness of the employees within companies. Does the employee experiences fulfillment, satisfaction and a sense meaning in his work?

The workshops are intended for a team, a department or unit, to an entire organization. If you are looking for a practical and inspiring way to pay attention to appreciation and look for immediate change within organization? Then choose the workshop that suits you. We perform internationally.

Fill out the form on this page. Mention the training / workshop you are interested in and I will send you more information.

S.T.E.M. training

Speak up and be heard! Learn how to use voice and body to give your best performance.

S.T.E.M. training

• Booster of 1-2 hrs. 12-200 p.
• Workshop 3-4 hrs. 1-12 p.
• Training of 3 times 3-4 hrs.
1-12 p.
• After completing the training, it is possible to book separate sessions.

Is given by Jeannine La Rose.

Happy Performer

Happy employees are more successful, achieve more results, are healthier, flexible, positive and productive.

Happy Performer

• Workshop 3-4 hrs. 10-50 p.
• Training 4 times 3-4 hrs:
- Purpose / meaning
- Flow / satisfaction
- Fun & Friendship

Is given by Jeannine La Rose and Cynthia Noordoven.


Getting to know the possibilities of a happy attitude and self-leadership with the aim of increasing the happiness in your organization? We are a group of motivators, trainers, entrepreneurs, former employees, managers and speakers who represent the company of the future.


• Booster 3-4 hrs. 30-200 p.
• Workshop 1 day 30-200 p.
• After completing the workshop you can book a follow up on the subjects:
- Being seen
- Being heard
- Get inspired
- Happiness at work
- Staying healthy

Is given by Jeannine La Rose, Jorgen Raymann, Gea Peper, Quincy Mahangi and Jermaine Miller.

Event speaker

Do you want a sparkling positive energy at your event?
Book me as Motivational speaker, singer or Event host.

Event speaker

• S.T.E.M. presentation booster 20 to 45 min.
• Mini vocal (singing) workshop 20-45 min.
• Solo singing performance 5-30 min.
• Host / presenter of the evening.

Is given by Jeannine La Rose.

Find your rythm!

Afraid to stand in front of a big audience?  Make it fun!

What is your story?

Musical Awards 2019.

About Happitat.

Succesguide Satisfied gig.

Compilation Gala The Other Businessman award 2017.

Get started!

Do you recognize yourself in the situations below?

There are so many reasons not to speak in front of an audience. Uncertainty is the biggest problem. Why would they listen to me? What if my voice stops? What if I forget what I want to say and how do I believe in what I am saying?

What if I forget my words?
Have a conversation with the audience. Create interaction. Don’t memorize the words.
I am afraid of public speaking and do not dare to go on stage.
Focus on the message and your conviction. The rest will follow.
I'm afraid people won’t understand what I’m talking about.
• Keep the message simple
• Keep it short
• Humor is always good
I'm afraid people will find it boring.
Make your presentation an energetic dialogue. Actively Involve your audience.
I am self conscious about the way I look and how I come across to others
You are speaking:
• to transform
• to motivate
• to stimulate
How do I motivate and inspire the listener?
Your experiences are more valuable than you think. That is where your essence lies.

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